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Welcome to The Rum Infusionist, where the art of rum-making meets family tradition near the charming seaside town of Eastbourne. Born from a passion for homebrew, started in my uncle's garden shed, our family—my uncle, dad, and I as well as many friends along the way, spent years perfecting our home-brewed recipes. Surrounded by friends and family, we experimented with unique flavours and ingredients, gradually crafting what would become our signature rums.

Driven by countless successful test batches and the belief that we had something truly special to share, we founded The Rum Infusionist. We are committed to using only the finest ingredients, and each of our rums is carefully crafted to offer a distinctive and memorable tasting experience. Our flagship line features five exquisite flavours, tailored to suit a variety of palates, from sweet and fruity to rich and spicy.

Since our inception, we have embraced innovation while staying true to our roots. The recent installation of state-of-the-art infusion tanks in our newly acquired warehouse marks a significant milestone in our journey. These infusion tanks are pivotal in enhancing the flavour profiles of our rums, allowing us to innovate and perfect our blends with even greater precision. This space, situated on the heart of Hailsham enhances our ability to host tasting events and distillery tours, providing a deeper, more engaging experience for visitors.

At The Rum Infusionist, every bottle reflects our family values and dedication to quality. Whether enjoyed in a vibrant cocktail or savoured neat, each sip is infused with the love and care that defines our craft.

We are excited to invite you to join us on this flavourful journey with a very special announcement: our official launch party on June 1st 2024! Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of The Rum Infusionist and discover rums that do more than just satisfy the palate—they create experiences.

Come taste the dedication and craftsmanship in every bottle. Discover The Rum Infusionist for yourself and see what makes our rums not just drinks, but stories worth sharing. Stay connected with us for the latest updates, product releases, and behind-the-scenes looks at how we bring our rums from our family to your glass. Cheers & Good Health!🥃☠️

Our Team

Meet the team member

Tom Conway

Founder / Director

Peter Conway

Founder / Flavour Development

Graeme Conway

Founder / Sales

George Conway

Warehouse Operative

Our Business

Family Run Business

We Are a Family Owned and Run Business as Member of The Eastbourne and Hailsham Chamber Of Commerce.

Celebrating Flavour

Say Hello to Our Sensational Range of Flavoured Rum's, Launching June 1st 2024!

30+ Years In Combined Experience

Between Myself, Uncle Peter and My Father, Graeme We Have An Astonishing 30+ Years in Alcohol Making Experience.

Support 24/7

Relax, We Are Always Here: Feel Safe with 24/7 Support!

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